Friday, June 24, 2011

So ready for fun!

The Biochem final was today and over with now! :]
I think I did well enough on it. I realize that even though I semi-slacked with this class, Biochem is definitely the right major for me! I actually understood the processes and have seen all of this before!! (although to a greatly reduced extent). Biology, Biotechnology, Organic Chem, and Job shadowing... thank you for providing me with such a background! x]

Anyways, although biochemistry is great and all, I am soooo ready for some fun!! I'm thinking a BBQ pool party anyone!?

= Mhmm.... :Q___

SO Ready for this!!! And Tomorrow is Bubble Tea + a new cooking adventure! Hahaha. Will definitely take some pics and show you all. :]
Only 2 more weeks of school and then MORE fun!!! Vacation planning starts now!!! Where to I wonder? Las Vegas? A Cruise? Cancun!? Only time will tell~~~ x]

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